Fry and Zackrison Lecture - Rheumatology, Microbes, Testing and


Topic: Rheumatology, Microbes, Testing and Treatment by Stephen Fry MD and Leila Zackrison

Conference: The Once and Future Cure:Past Present and Future of Medicine - Nashville, TN - March 14-16, 2014

-Understand the fundamental concept of Microbial Biofilms.
-What is some of the evidence that Autoimmune Disease/ RA are infectious in nature?
-Explore the concepts of PCR, Metagenomics, and the work of Thomas McPherson Brown
-Explore what supports the theory that rheumatoid arthritis is protozoan in origin?
-Understand the Pathophysiology of Autoimmune disorders
-Understand the implication of cytokine storm
-Identify Allopathic treatment of parasites
-Identify evidence based herbal and homeopathic treatment of parasites
-Identify current evidence based treatments for rheumatoid arthritis

Time: 53 minutes

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