Ellie Campbell DO – Vitamin D and the Immune System


Topic: Vitamin D and the Immune System by Ellie Campbell DO

Conference: The Once and Future Cure:Past Present and Future of Medicine - Nashville, TN - March 14-16, 2014

Summary: Summary: Vitamin D plays an important role for many functions of the body. This lecture will explore each function in detail.

Learning Objectives:
1. Review vitamin D synthesis, lab tests and levels for insufficiency versus frank deficiency.
2. Review the role of vitamin D in the innate and acquired immune system, including its role as a cytokine and a trigger for cathelecidin synthesis.
3. Review the role of vitamin D on the vitamin D receptor (VDR).
4. Explore the potential mechanism for vitamin D in the development of autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and multiple sclerosis.
5. Explore the potential mechanism for the association of low vitamin D or VDR mutations with increased risk of infections: influenza, severe acute lower respiratory infection, TB and HIV.
6. Understand the role of VDR mutation Taq dopamine synthesis.
7. Discuss some of the criticism of high dose vitamin D support and supplementation caveats.

Dr. Campbell has been lecturing to colleagues and patients since 1994. Along with ICIM, she lectures for the Georgia and North Carolina Academies of Family Practice and The Age Management Medical Group. A true family physician, Dr Campbell emphasizes identification of modifiable risks and early “pre-diseases” such as “pre-hypertension” and “pre-diabetes”.

Time: 1 hr. 2 mins.

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