Andersen Lecture - Foods, Diet and Nutrition


Topic: Foods, Diet and Nutrition: What a Clinician Needs to Know about Nutrient Density, Pesticides, Genetically Engineered Foods by Arden Andersen DO, PhD

Conference: Sex, Lies and Hormones - Cleveland, OH Sept. 20-23, 2012

Summary: Endrocrine disruption, infertility, spontaneous abortion, low testosterone and xenoestrogen effects have become commonplace. The prevailing mindset is that such issues must be genetic and solvable with drug intervention or stem-cell therapy. As environment determines genetic expression it must be understood that all these hormone related ailments are associated with the current food quality crisis, genetically engineered foods along with glyphosate and other herbicide/pesticide effects. What should be our most important health driver, agriculture has become our most serious assault and risk for disease causation.

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