W. Lee Cowden MD - BioEnergetic Tools in the Care of Chronic


Topic: BioEnergetic Tools in the Care of Chronic Disease Patients by W. Lee Cowden MD

Conference: Energy and Medicine: Paradox & Controversy - Chicago, IL - Oct. 30 - Nov. 1, 2015

Summary: Even though quantum mechanics has offered solutions to health problems for more than 80 years, allopathic medicine has incorporated very little of what is possible into Western health care. In this presentation, Dr. Cowden will give an overview of the use of BioEnergetic Medicine in integrative healthcare both for improving evaluative acumen of the practitioner and for enhancing intervention outcome in the patient. Dr. Cowden will discuss practical applications of electro-dermal screening, heart rate variability testing that incorporates Chinese acupuncture organ system assessment, pulsed electromagnetic therapies, photo-magnetic lymph drainage, laser energetic detox & photonic focal detox as well as using the vibrations of the voice in resolving subconscious emotions that contribute to physical & mental/emotional diseases.

Learning Objectives
1. Learn how to use an electro-dermal screening device to improve their evaluative acumen & to more often pick the best therapies for a patient
2. Learn the vast amount of information provided by a comprehensive heart rate variability testing system built based on 45 years of Russian research
3. Learn how to successfully use an electromagnetic frequency device to strengthen a patientís organ systems & to encourage microbe elimination from their body
4. Learn the value of photo-magnetic lymph devices in restoring lymph drainage
5. Learn the basics of Laser Energetic Detox & Photonic Focal Detox
6. Learn how to use the vibrations of the patientís own voice to quickly resolve conscious & subconscious emotions contributing to physical &/or mental/emotional diseases

Time: 53 mins.

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