Magda Havas PhD - Electrosmog and Electrohypersensitivity: The M


Topic: Electrosmog and Electrohypersensitivity: The Manufactured Controversy and the Importance of Prevention by Magda Havas PhD

Conference: Energy and Medicine: Paradox & Controversy - Chicago, IL - Oct. 30 - Nov. 1, 2015

Summary: Levels of electromagnetic radiation from wireless technology are increasing exponentially and a growing population is developing cancers, reproductive problems and/or electro-hyper-sensitivity, which involves cellular degeneration leading to symptoms similar to rapid aging. Adverse biological effects occur at levels well below U.S. guidelines, which were designed to prevent heating among those occupationally exposed to microwave and radar radiation and not the infant lying next to a wireless baby monitor or the student sitting near a Wi-Fi router. The most common devices, their radiation pattern, and their biological effects will be presented along with information on how to minimize exposure, practice electromagnetic hygiene, and use prevention to promote healing.

Learning Objectives
1. Attendees will learn to recognize the symptoms of electrohypersensitivity (EHS)
2. Attendees will learn to determine which devices may be contributing to EHS
3. Attendees will learn to test electrosmog
4. Attendees will learn to help patients practice electromagnetic hygiene
5. Attendees will learn to help patients recover from EHS

Time: 59 mins.

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