Debbie Cowden MD -Neurological Effects of airborne gases: xylene


Topic: Neurological Effects of airborne gases: xylene, hydrogen sulfate and others by Debbie Cowden MD

Conference: Neurodegeneration: The Impact of Environmental Insult - Grand Rapids, MI - October 4 - 8, 2017

Summary: Neurological Effects of airborne gases: xylene, hydrogen sulfate and others.

Learning Objectives:
1)Discuss the definition of volatile organic compounds such as xylene, ethylbenzene and other BTEX compounds.
2)Discuss the chemical properties of xylene: 3 isomers which occur naturally in petroleum products and coal tar and can be made synthetically; can be found in air, water, soil and food; background levels in food, indoor and outdoor air.
3)Discuss how xylene can enter the environment and how people might be exposed to xylene.
4)Explain how xylene affects adult and child health, symptoms, and body systems affected.
5)Briefly discuss tests to determine exposure, what agencies regulate xylene and what levels the US government has approved.
6)Discuss how people/families can reduce the risk of exposure to xylene (per the US federal government) and from a physician’s perspective.
7)Discuss the chemical properties of hydrogen sulfide (H2S).
8)Discuss sources of H2S: what environments it can be found in, background levels.
9)Describe symptoms of low level exposure to H2S.
10)Describe symptoms and known health effects from exposure to high levels of H2S.

Time: 52 mins.

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