Mark Morningstar - NeuroREgeneration: Strategies to Use It, Not


Topic: NeuroREgeneration: Strategies to Use It, Not Lose It by Mark Morningstar DC, PhD

Conference: Neurodegeneration: The Impact of Environmental Insult - Grand Rapids, MI - October 4 - 8, 2017

Summary: Mark Morningstar, DC, PhD, of the Natural Wellness & Pain Relief Center, will be speaking on the role of functional medicine and functional rehabilitation treatments for neurodegeneration. The main purpose of this talk will be to provide attendees with information they can use first thing Monday morning to help patients suffering from Parkinsonís disease, Alzheimerís disease, dementia, etc. In addition to covering the more well-known functional medicine strategies for these disorders, activities to promote neurological activation in various brain areas will be described.

In treating patients with chronic neurodegenerative symptoms, it is important to design treatment plans that try to address any root underlying causes of their respective condition, while at the same time offer treatments that help them manage the day-to-day symptoms of the condition that improves their quality of life.

My talk will discuss the 3 requirements of neurons, and the various strategies and treatments that may be used to fulfill these 3 requirements. Many integrative and functional medicine providers will tend to focus on 1 or 2 of these requirements, but rarely have I seen an emphasis on all 3 simultaneously.

The presentation will highlight specific key aspects of working with neurodegenerative disorders, including:
Mechanical contributions to neurodegeneration;
Functional medicine therapies for neurodegenerative disorders;
Low-tech rehabilitation strategies for improved ADLs and neuro-activation

Time: 49 mins.

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