Jean-Ronel Corbi - Autism and the Restoration Model


Topic: Autism and the Restoration Model by Jean-Ronel Corbier, MD

Conference: Neurodegeneration: The Impact of Environmental Insult - Grand Rapids, MI - October 4 - 8, 2017

Summary: Autism represents an ideal medical condition for exploring the role of genetic versus environmental triggers in neurodevelopment. Understanding the impact of these triggers in the context of the developing brain, synaptic plasticity, various regulatory systems in the body and the functioning of other organ systems that are involved in autism is key. Genetic and environmental triggers also play a role in other fields that are related to autism and interface with the nervous system including toxicology, neuroimmunology, gastroenterology to name a few. All of these factors can lead to neuroinflammation, neurometabolic changes (e.g. mitochondrial dysfunction), alterations in the microbiome and other pathological states that can and should be addressed when trying to tackle autism from an etiological perspective.

Learning Objectives:
1- Explain the role of genetic (and epigenetic) factors in autism
2- Discuss the role of environmental triggers with autism and how they interact with genetic expression
3- Show that autism is a multi-systemic condition (not just one that affects the nervous system)
4- Discuss how the above factors can lead to pathological problems that result in autism system
5- Provide a mode (I call the Restoration Model) that takes into account all of the above in approaching autism from a therapeutic perspectives.

Time: 1 hr. 17 mins.

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