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Welcome to ICIM 61st Congress!


This year’s theme of “its a Gut Feeling” is all about the interconnection between “guts” and “brain”: It is how the enteric nervous system, the microbiome, environmental influences (both internal and external) ALL affect the two-way communication between both organs.

We have so much to offer; we could not fit it in to three days.

We offer TWO pre- conference workshops to choose from, plus an chelation staff training course and the main congress.

The first practitioner pre- conference workshop (Mar 2-3) will explore the amazing benefits of frequency specific microcurrent, a bio-resonance balancing energy modality with profound impact on pain, traumatic injury and metabolism.

The second pre-conference workshop is a one-day event for physicians.  On March 3 we will be exploring IV nutrition therapies, featuring advanced treatment protocols with W.A. (“Butch”) Shrader, and a hands-on practicum for beginners at the office of one of our generous Atlanta physicians: Dr Vintonne Naiden MD.

Physicians attending the IV course will likely be interested in attending the chelation summit the day prior. Co-Sponsored by the International Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology, on March 2, we will be hosting Dr Gervasio Lamas and updating our members on current the world wide status and science of chelation therapy. The summit will also feature chelation pioneers Tammy Born DO, Charles Rudolph DO, and Raymond Pahlplatz, Peter VanDerSchaar’s colleague from the Netherlands.

March 4-6 is our main congress “It’s a Gut Feeling” examining the GI tract from the mouth to the rectum, with influences on brain, heart, endocrine and sex organs. We will learn how mold yeast and fungus can be an environmental or internal problem, and how to correct it. We will even talk about the medical effect of marijuana on the brain and gut, and how to stay safe and legal while practicing integrative medicine.

Staff and family are always invited to join us. We offer a special course for IV chelation for staff training on March 4-6 where staff can become proficient in administering IV therapy and become familiar with recipes and dosing to support the care team.

Participants at the staff training course will not be attending the main congress, but will be free in the evenings to rejoin their teams from the main congress.

I invite you to come experience the love, joy and community of the International College of Integrative Medicine. Rekindle your love of medicine, learn how to make a living thinking outside the box, and make new friends while exploring our southern charm. We hope to see you in Atlanta.


Ellie Campbell, DO

Double-Board certified in Family Medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine

Campbell Family Medicine

The Collection at Forsyth, 410 Peachtree Parkway Suite 4200

Cumming GA 30041

678-474-4742 fax 678-474-4924



“ICIM has a unique perspective. You can say it like it is, no beating around the bush” – Zach Cohen MD, Program Committee, Atlanta
“I could ask anything at ICIM. And people there could answer those questions.” – Vintonne Naiden MD, Program Committee, Atlanta