If you haven’t been to an ICIM meeting before, you’re in for a treat! With a supportive family atmosphere, the best food in the industry, and colleagues passionate about science and healing, our learning environment is transformative. Our next meeting is April 18-22 in Cincinnati: “What Works in Clinical Medicine.”
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Program Chair Carol Petersen RPh writes, “We are emphasizing the practical. It’s the time for debate, clinical pearls, and comaraderie. Carry home goodies and nuggets for your practice from masters. Nourish yourself with food and fun and time with your colleagues.”

What really shows results in clinical medicine? We will examine the evidence with refreshed rigor and enthusiasm using a new AAFP CME Credit System called Blended Learning. We will engage in a hybrid of activities to put our heads together and move beyond opinion or hyperbole to create an action plan that will change your practice, adding new ideas that work for your patients.

Main Congress

Resource people Jeffrey Dach MD, Karen von Merveldt-Guevara MD, Phyllis Bronson PhD, Hal Blatman MD, Barrie Tan PhD, Lou Diorio RPh, Dan Nelson MD, and Bryan J. Treacy, MD are on the agenda to present evidence about what works for hormone balance, manual medicine, controversies in nutritional supplementation, office compounding, and opioid addiction recovery.

Plus, we’ll hear updates on Ozone with Frank Shallenburger MD, cord blood live cells therapies with A.J Farshchian MD, and an exciting lecture from Joel E. Mortensen MD, Director Diagnostic Infectious Diseases Testing Laboratory, at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center: The future of flora analysis – culturomics to metagenomics.

Lead in workshops:

Revolution Practice Management (at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden)

You despise Insurance companies and the EMR. You struggle with staff, the race against time and administrative frustrations. You feel fatigue, mental exhaustion, physical depletion, irritability and you yearn for time to spend with your family, friends or even by yourself. “We know…we get it, and we survived. We changed our fate forever, and want to help you change yours!” Take one day to Resuscitate Your Practice with ICIM’s Ellie Campbell and Natalie Patierno

End Pain

Speaker Hal Blatman MD will once again present his popular workshop about effective pain treatments you can bring to your patients on Monday morning.

What’s new in cord blood live cells: OrthoRegenesis, NeuroRegenesis, OpticRegenesis, SexualRegenesis (at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden)

A.J Farshchian MD, founder of the Center for Regenerative Medicine will present this training program for physicians only.

Resetting the Body Temperature with T3 Therapy (at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden)

Dr. Denis Wilson will present evidence that the body temperature is an exact measure of metabolic rate. This fact has far-reaching implications. Namely, slow metabolism cannot be ruled out with thyroid blood tests. Moreover, Dr. Wilson will present the details of the T3 therapy protocol that he pioneered over 20 years ago that enables physicians to normalize low body temperatures such that the temperatures often remain improved even after the treatment has been discontinued.

IVs for First Timers (at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden)

Taught by veteran teacher Robban Sica MD.

Radically New Perspectives & Treatment Options:
Nutritional Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) cross-referenced with Comprehensive Blood Panels (at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden)

Mineral imbalances may be the largest factor in the etiology of human diseases. Every enzyme in the human body is dependent on mineral cofactors for its structure, its induction and its function. Energy production in the mitochondria requires specific minerals. Voltage-gated ion channels and nerve signal transduction only function with proper conductivity; conductivity depends on proper mineralization. Explore options for diagnosis and treatment with speaker Karen von Merveldt-Guevara MD.

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Comments from Fall 2017 evaluations:

Lectures and speakers were wonderful
Kindness, community was awesome
ICIM is brining innovative ideas and therapies “to the table”
The creativity surrounding the lectures – the “fun stuff” lessens the stress of unfamiliar environment and unfamiliar social environs
The community of attendees is fantastic -warm, welcoming, and interesting
Plenty of time for exhibitors, lectures, and friends