Energy affects testing, treatment, and healing response. Learn evidence-based techniques to use it well.
Join us for the International College of Integrative Medicine’s 60th Congress in a historic setting of The Murphy auditorium in Chicago. Medical sciences are rapidly evolving and physicians are re-discovering the forgotten art of energy medicine. This is a fundamental paradigm shift, based on new understandings of biology, and backed by evidence based science. This conference will cover paradox and controversies in energy medicine from basic science of bio-physics, cancer management, biological dentistry, magnetic pulse therapy, micro-current therapy, homeopathy, thermography and many other diagnostic and healing modalities. Throughout the meeting we will use cancer as a lens to closely examine how energy systems can be put to medical use. The goal is to connect the dots from different fields of medicine and cure the incurables by manipulating immeasurable subtle energy. Not interested in “energy work”? If you are a physician interested in auto-immune disorders, homotoxicology, acupuncture, mitochondrial dysfunction, thermodynamics, and the connection between dental work and dysfunction, this conference is still for you.

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Program Chair,
Simon Yu, MD
Simon Yu MD
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