Join us September 24-28, 2014 for our 59th Congress, training Integrative Medicine Physicians

You can get content from many places. Listen to a webinar; go to a massive conference; read a book. But there is no substitute for the kind of learning that can be done face to face, with passionate debate and group processing. ICIM exists to provide education, and our greatest resource is the expertise, wisdom and invaluable experience of our members. We are a community of 150 lifelong students of science and healing; the colleagues you will meet at ICIM become trusted friends.

September 24-28 we take on the topic of chronic pain, offering a large array of tools to treat and diagnose one of the most challenging struggles our patients face. Some amazing people in history suffered from chronic pain. Harriet Tubman had migraines. Florence Nightingale had fibromyalgia. During his time in the Navy JF Kennedy slept on a plywood board and wore a corset-type brace due to crippling back pain. And artist Frieda Kahlo who lived and worked in Dearborn, MI lived in pain her entire life. To honor the many brave and exceptional people who live with chronic pain, we vow to study it relentlessly.

How about our location? The Dearborn Inn is an iconic American edifice, first airport hotel ever, built by Henry Ford to house his personal guests. This historic building is on the grounds of one of the biggest and most important museums in the US, The Henry Ford, which rivals the Smithsonian in depth and breadth of Americana artifacts. It is a supersized museum of American ingenuity and engineering. And it is awesome. On Friday night September 26, we celebrate the career of one of ICIM’s great leaders: John Parks Trowbridge MD with a dinner.

With our top notch exhibit hall, warm family atmosphere, and the best food in the industry, we’ll make sure that “End Pain” meeting is only the first of many you’ll share with us.

“End Pain” September 26-28 features the great Fish Oil Debate with Brian Peskin and a panel of people ready to offer another view of the science. Jacob Teitelbaum is coming with a wealth of experience in conquering pain through SHINE. Derrick Lonsdale will consider the strong link between subclinical and overt thiamine deficiency and extremely painful conditions such as diabetic neuropathy, polyneuropathy and post herpetic neuralgia. John Humiston is teaching IV amino acid protocols to detox narcotics, psych meds, and alcohol, as well as a protocol for restoring neurotransmitters in overworked stressed people. We’ll hear innovations with compounding pain pharmaceuticals from Sahar Swidan, the process of un-learning pain from Howard Schubiner, and the power of learning to love as transformational healing from Helene Leonetti. Jenny Rymer brings her extensive experience with bodywork and micro current in her workshop “Energy is Faster than Pills,” and Guy Chamberland will provide information on botanical solutions. Clinician David Nebbeling, and authors William Faber, and Robert Rowen will share some of the skills and tricks of the trade that work in their practices. And Bruce Shelton will assert that all treatments work better with homeopathy.

David Brownstein MD stirred up the crowd with his lecture this March in Nashville, and he has agreed to follow up with a full day workshop Sept 25 entitledIodine: How to use the most misunderstood nutrient.

Another lead-in workshop by Robban Sica MD and Vladimir Tomljenovic DC of a remarkably effective pain relief technique called AtlasPROfilax Sept 25 from 9am-12

Healers, co-workers and siblings David Pawsat MD and Eva Mondor LPC, NCC offer The Mindful Solution:  An integrative and heart-centered approach to cultivating sustainable happiness and wellbeing amidst the chaos of everlasting change Sept 25 1-5pm

And our fall meeting wouldn’t be complete without our chelation workshop for beginning physicians Sept 24, our IV Chelation Infusionist training and certification for nurses and office staff, and a day of advanced chelation research updates Sept 25.

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Get your Hotel Reservation, and we’ll see you in Dearborn, MI!