Exploring Autism to Alzheimer's
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Paul Harch MD will teach “Oxygen Epigenetics, A Workshop on the Entire Dosing Range of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy” on October 5

In this workshop Dr. Harch will explain and define hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the first time in 350 years for what it really is, epigenetic therapy with oxygen and pressure.  Elaborating on this concept which was first proposed in the third edition of his book, The Oxygen Revolution, Dr. Harch will unify the field of hyperbaric therapy from compressed air to the highest doses of pure oxygen using the scientific literature and illustrative cases documented with functional imaging.  He will explain the basic biology of HBOT and review not only the applications to typically reimbursed U.S. diagnoses, but also the common off-label diagnoses including traumatic brain injury, stroke, CP, autism, cognitive decline, and degenerative diseases.  Dr. Harch will review what went wrong and what went right with the recent Department of Defense TBI HBOT studies and the Collet CP trial of 2001.  He will demonstrate how these studies have confused the scientific community and lay public, and, surprisingly, how they have inadvertently dramatically expanded the field of hyperbaric medicine. Lastly, Dr. Harch will discuss hyperbaric therapy dosing.


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