Dr. Wilson’s T3 Therapy

Resetting the Body Temperature with T3 Therapy
April 18, 1-5 pm

In this workshop, Dr. Wilson will present evidence that the body temperature is an exact measure of metabolic rate. This fact has far-reaching implications. Namely, slow metabolism cannot be ruled out with thyroid blood tests. Moreover, Dr. Wilson will present the details of the T3 therapy protocol that he pioneered over 20 years ago that enables physicians to normalize low body temperatures such that the temperatures often remain improved even after the treatment has been discontinued. Dr. Wilson was the first physician to use sustained-release T3. He is the author of Evidence-based Approach to Restoring Thyroid Health, Doctor’s Manual for Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome, and others. He has trained thousands of physicians in the use of this impactful T3 protocol. With the current surge in Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and other thyroid disorders, you will not want to miss this workshop.

This workshop is sponsored by Wellness Pharmacy