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Women's International Pharmacy
Womens International Pharmacy provides custom compounded doses of bioidentical hormone therapies to men and women. Founded in 1985 by Wallace L. Simons, R.Ph., we have helped hundreds of thousands of individuals with their hormone balance. We compound the prescription as directed by the licensed healthcare practitioner to meet patient needs. We deliver the highest quality, individually, compounded prescriptions possible in the shortest amount of time and with the latest technology. Our consulting pharmacists are available to answer technical questions from healthcare practitioners, clinic staff, and their patients on specific formulations and/or dosages for hormone-related imbalances. Women's International Pharmacy is dedicated to customer satisfaction, exceptional service and provides, upon request, educational information on hormone therapies for practitioners and their patients.

Address:2 Marsh Court  Madison WI  53718 
Phone: 608-221-7800


APS Specialty Pharmacy
The APS Pharmacy Team specializes in compounding sterile and nonsterile formulations for integrative/functional medicine, environmental medicine, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), urology, and workers compensation. APS Pharmacy, designated as a 503A facility, compounds medicine that is safe, reliable, affordable, and specifically for the needs of the individual patient. The APS Pharmacy philosophy is that medicine is not a one-size-fits-all. For more information about our IV products and services call 1-866-527-DMSA or e-mail

Address:34911 US Hwy 19 N, Ste 600 Palm Harbor FL  34684 
Phone: 866-527-3672


Argentyn 23 by Natural Immunogenics
Since 2001, Argentyn 23 has offered health care practitioners a strategic immune-enhancing alternative devoid of toxic side effects and contraindications. Made from the purest silver (99.999%) and pharmaceutical-grade water, Argentyn 23 Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol is composed of more than 98% positively-charged silver ions and nanoclusters. It is only packaged in nonreactive glass bottles at a verified concentration of 23 parts-per-million. Argentyn 23 represents the ultimate refinement of the colloidal silver category and offers your patients unmatched safety, efficacy and purity in a professional formulation. Trace amounts of silver are naturally found in all mammalian milk, in grains, all mushroom species, and most water sources. Thousands of clinics across North, Central and South America and Europe have made Argentyn 23 the #1 selling professional silver brand due to its unmatched quality and efficacy. Natural Immunogenics is the only NSF/GMP-Certified silver manufacturer in the world. Test results are verified by qualified 3rd party laboratories, including purity testing, efficacy and bacteriological studies as well as non-toxicity assays.

Address:7504 Pennsylvania Ave Sarasota    34243 
Phone: 888-328-8840


RXQ Compounding, LLC
RXQ Compounding, LLC is an FDA Approved 503(B) Outsourcing Facility, located within the Ohio University Innovation Center in Athens, Ohio. RXQ Compounding, LLC emerged in front of new regulations from the FDA governing compounding facilities and the state board of pharmacy to assure that the safest products are delivered to our customers and patients. Edward Zatta, RPh, Founder and President, Jon Fields, RPh, and our other highly-trained team work closely with FDA regulators and legislators in following the new guidelines. All products are manufactured in ISO 5 clean rooms.

Address:340 West State Street, Unit 9 Athens OH  45701 
Phone: 740-593-0204


Innovation Compounding
Innovation Compounding is a wellness based, PCAB® accredited, compounding-only pharmacy that takes an integrative approach to meeting our patients and provider's needs. At Innovation Compounding our mission is to bridge the gap between living and living well through a commitment to Personalized pharmaceutical care, Compassion toward our patients and doctors, as well as being a Wellness Advocate for our patients. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of products to include IV therapy, bio-identical hormones (pellets, topical, oral, and injectable), weight loss, allergy testing and treatment, pain, and dermatology. We're here to listen to you, research your needs, and provide you with not only medications, but also the knowledge to help your patients reach their desired health goals.

Address:6095 Pine Mountain Rd. NW #108 Kennesaw GA  30152 USA
Phone: 770-421-1399


Burst Biologics
As a science-driven company that focuses on science driven technologies, Burst Biologics is committed to providing state of the art cellular and a cellular allografts. Every product that we process is carefully analyzed in our federally registered tissue bank. Burst Biologics does not release tissue from our laboratory unless it meets our rigorous release criteria. The Progenokine proprietary processing technique incorporates unique breakthroughs in cryoprotection exclusive to Burst Biologics. From donor collection to final package, Burst Biologics sets the standard for the future in spine biologics and regenerative medicine.

Address:3501 W Eider #104 Boise ID  83705 
Phone: 888-322-1191


Doctor's Data Inc.
Doctor's Data, Inc. has provided innovative specialty testing to healthcare practitioners around the world from our advanced CLIA-licensed clinical laboratory since 1972. A specialist and pioneer in essential and toxic elemental testing, the laboratory provides a wide array of functional testing to aid in decision making and better patient outcomes. Choose DDI to help you assess and treat heavy metal burden, nutritional deficiencies, gastrointestinal function, cardiovascular risk, liver and metabolic abnormalities, and more.

Address:3755 Illinois Ave St Charles IL  60174 
Phone: 800-323-2784


Essential Formulas Incorporated
Essential Formulas is a family owned and operated business that’s passionate about offering scientifically sound formulas with proven protocols that empower consumers to take control of their health in a natural and proactive manner.

Address:1861 Valley View Lane, Ste 180 Farmers Branch TX  75234 
Phone: 972-255-3918


ImprimisRx pharmacies, subsidiaries of Imprimis Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: IMMY), are dedicated to delivering high-quality and innovative medicines to physicians and patients at affordable prices. We are pioneering a new commercial pathway in the pharmaceutical industry, using compounding pharmacies for the formulation and distribution of high-quality, proprietary formulations that are supported by the clinical experience of physicians and their patients.

We are focused on integrative medicine, ophthalmology, urology, and sinus drug therapies; however we also sell other formulations outside of our core therapeutic areas. All of our innovative drug formulations are born from the clinical experience of physician prescribers and pharmacist formulators. We believe our unique business model provides us with the opportunity to address unmet patient needs while delivering safe, near-term and affordable medical solutions to Americans.

Address:12264 El Camino Real, Ste 350 San Diego CA  92130 
Phone: 858-704-4040


Rhumart is a self-therapy system that induces natural impulses very similar to those of the nervous system. It is a unique product that has been beneficial to about a million people since 1980. This physiological therapy helps people regain better health, when other methods fail. It is used to prevent and control acute and chronic health problems and to help users of any age regain a better quality of life. Also, see

Address:10086 AV Paris Montreal-Nord   H1H 4J9 Ca 
Phone: 514-243-7769


Perfect Balance, Inc.
Perfect Balance, Inc. is an innovative company dedicated to providing a highly successful, non-toxic alternative for the treatment of cancer. Salicinium destroys the enzymatic protection of cancer cells and greatly increases NK cell activity. By inhibiting the production of Nagalase the cancer cell can no longer stop the immune system from doing its job, GC Maf resumes, and rapid tumor breakdown is evident. In addition, Salicinium has been shown to kill both Circulating Tumor Cells and Cancer Stem Cells.

Address:218 Main Street, Ste 295 Kirkland WA  98033 
Phone: 425-454-7319


LifeLabs is a Canadian-owned company with over 50 years of experience providing laboratory testing services to help healthcare providers diagnose, treat, monitor and prevent disease in patients. A division of LifeLabs since 2013, Rocky Mountain Analytical (RMA) provides specialized tests to naturopathic doctors, physicians and other healthcare providers who practice integrative medicine. Together we deliver cost-effective, convenient access to laboratory testing services essential for optimal outcomes in healthcare.

Address:100 International Blvd Toronto  ON M9W 6J6 Canada
Phone: 416-675-4530


Seroyal/Douglas/Pure Encapsulations

Address:490 Elgin Mills Rd. East Richmond Hill  ON L4C OL8 Canada
Phone: 905-508-2050 ex 2264


Founded in 1994, Theralase Technologies Inc. designs, develops and manufactures super-pulsed, cool laser technology for a wide range of human, companion animal and equine applications. Theralase is committed to provide cutting-edge pre-clinical and clinical research to remain the most clinically and scientifically supported therapeutic medical laser on the market. The highly trained scientific, clinical and engineering Theralase team continuously brings our valued customers the most advanced technology on the market, while our sales, marketing, clinical training, customer service and finance teams bring superior customer service, the latest interactive training, the most up to date clinical protocols and the best financing options to accelerate the financial and clinical success of your practice.

Address:1945 Queen Street East Toronto  ON M4L 1H7 Canada
Phone: 416-699-5273

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