About ICIM
Founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1983, by seven progressive, forward-thinking physicians, the International College of Integrative Medicine (a not-for-profit medical society), has since expanded far beyond its original regional environs into a rapidly growing association with nationwide and international membership. One of ICIM's main goals is the education of health care professionals in the latest research-supported techniques and emerging holistic therapies that show promise for improving patient care.

The ICIM mission emphasizes a two-pronged approach: the reversal of chronic degenerative disease and the prevention of such ailments, by increasing the skills, knowledge and procedures available to clinicians amenable to embracing alternative procedures, including nutritional supplementation, chelation and other non-invasive preventive and health-promoting therapies.

In support of its mission, ICIM hosts two industry conferences a year, providing continuing education to health care professionals.

ICIM has also newly created the medical directory, with the goal of helping the public find doctors who offer options in medicine.