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Robert  Battle   MD  
9910 Long Point Rd.
Houston, TX 77055 
Phone: 713-932-0552
Fax: 713-932-0551

"I want to help give people a feeling of comfort and confidence that their problems are not insurmountable."

Dr. Robert Battle served his patients for 16 years as a conventionally trained Family Physician, before embarking on a life changing odyssey in search of answers to the questions posed by the seeming limitations in helping people in the conventional paradigm of medical care. To his delight and amazement he discovered natural alternatives to synthetic pharmaceuticals and alternative procedures to invasive surgical methods in many cases. He was delighted to see few if any side effects from the use of complex homeopathic remedies contrary to the frequency of same with the use of synthetic drugs. The positive hope in helping people take an active part in healing themselves replaced the negative helpless dread of limited benefit derived from drugs/antibiotics, surgery, and/or psychiatry. His experience of the past twenty-four years in natural methods of healing and the Scientific Revolution of Medicine that began in the 70's causes an excitement of hope and optimism about getting to the underlying causes of illness more diligently and hopefully preventing its course altogether.

Our primary objective is to assist the patient in healing himself by identifying functional deficiencies, correcting them and extenuating conditions contributing to them, and restoring the patient to healthful homeostasis, or balance.

Dr. Battle has extensive experience, training and certification in his field and is a member of several organizations:

The International College of Integrative Medicine, Vice President

The American Academy of Family Practice, Fellow

The American College for the Advancement of Medicine, Past Board of Director

The American Board of Clinical Toxicology, Diplomate

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine

The Harris County Medical Society, Member

The Texas Medical Association, Member

The American Academy of Orthopedic Medicine, Member




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