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Robert   Burkich   MD DPL 
148 Cobb Parkway
Ringgold, GA 30736 
Phone: (706) 891-1200
Fax: (706) 891-1202

"Anti-Aging and Chelation Therapy"

Robert A. Burkich, MD is the founder and medical director at the facility and has nearly 20 years of experience with private practice medicine. Dr. Burkich specializes in anti-aging and believes in treating his patients from the inside out. His approach is methodical and successful, time and time again. It starts with reducing heavy metals and other toxins from the body to improve blood flow. How does this help? By removing toxins, improving blood flow and hormone levels, it allows you to maintain an ideal body weight, keep energy levels up, diminish fatigue and mental fogginess, improve sexual function, and improve outward appearance.




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