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John Parks  Trowbridge   MD DPL FACAM
9816 Memorial Blvd #205
Humble, TX 77338 
Phone: 281-540-2329
Fax: 281-540-4329

"When life is your choice ..... Failure is not an option. "

" What we do works ," it's as simple as that. Dr. Trowbridge has spent over 2 dozen years learning the techniques of functional medicine ..... how to find what is blocking you from feeling better, what you are missing but need to feel better, and what switches need to be "turned on." The Good Lord put all the healing you'll ever need "on the inside" -- that's why you can heal skin wounds and broken bones. Most problems with which people are suffering can be helped dramatically -- without daily drugs and without surgery -- by treating what is causing the problem rather than simply putting on fancy bandaids. Dr. T has written bestselling books to share how you can get better with The Yeast Syndrome , with heart and blood vessel problems, with arthritis and sports injuries ..... with way too many things to list here. His experiences as a national leader , expert , and speaker have given him a broad background to care for many (maybe most!) of the problems with which you have been suffering. We're conveniently located right next to Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, at US Hiway 59 and FM 1960.

To find out how we can help you, just DIAL 1-800-FIX-PAIN to ask for free CD programs that can change your life! For more details right now, browse our website: ..... because if you don't know that you have health choices now, then you don't have any!




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