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Linda  Hegstrand   MD PhD 
2426 Burton St. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546 
Phone: 616-464-0470
Fax: 206-350-1428


At the CWC our approach is holistic and incorporates modern science with ancient wisdom. The body, mind, and spirit are one. Einstein's understanding of the universe provides the basis for energy medicine. Using healing modalities based on biophysics as well as biochemistry enables us to coach you in obtaining major improvements in your health. MD from University of Wisconsin in Madison PhD in Biochemistry from University of Wisconsin in Madison BA in Chemistry from Hope College with Faculty Honors Certifications Board Certified and Licensed Medical Doctor Certified Practical Acupuncturist from the Blue Heron Academy Certified Digestive Health Specialist from Loomis Institute Certified SCENAR Therapist Certified in Quantum Reflex Analysis




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