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David  Pawsat   DO  
1520 Ramblewood Dr., Ste 100
East Lansing, MI 48823 
Phone: 517-324-9400
Fax: 517-324-9482

"Treating the cause... not the symptom "

Dr. David Pawsat is a graduate of Michigan State University�s School of Osteopathic Medicine and is certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. He has also completed a Fellowship in Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine. Being trained by the world�s foremost authorities in the field of natural hormone replacement and Anti-Aging Medicine, combined with his 12 years of emergency medicine experience, has brought him unique skills in natural hormone therapy, disease prevention and treatment. In recognizing the need for viable alternatives to traditional protocols, Dr. Pawsat has founded The Center for Optimal Health. With the skills he has acquired he is able to treat issues for their causes instead of just treating symptoms. Early detection, prevention, and reversal of aging-related diseases and employing therapies and treatments to optimize wellness are the focus of his practice. At The Center for Optimal Health our patients are treated for their individual needs. Dr. Pawsat listens to his patient�s health concerns and devotes the necessary time to understand their individual complexities. Through this process he is able to develop individualized plans to overcome chronic health issues and achieve wellness.




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