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Featured Physicians - Elizabeth Vaughan, MD

Elizabeth Vaughan has been a licensed physician since 1979, but she is part of a legacy of integrative medicine that goes deep into the roots of her family tree. Dr. Vaughan is the daughter of two physicians and is a fourth generation physician on both sides of her family. Her great-grandfather, Victor C. Vaughan, M.D., was president of the American Medical Association, and dean of the University of Michigan Medical School from 1891-1920. He led the movement to admit females to medical school, and was a leading proponent of the germ theory. He worked with Dr. Walter Reed on the study of Yellow Fever among American troops in Cuba. Dr. Vaughan's grandfather, Dr. Warren Taylor Vaughan, wrote the first textbook on allergies published in the Western Hemisphere. Environmental physicians continue to quote him today. Her uncle, Dr. Victor C. Vaughan III, was a founding Member of the American Board of Pediatric Medicine, and editor of the renowned Textbook of Pediatrics - the Bible of Pediatrics.

While trained in traditional, allopathic medicine at the University of Virginia and her residency in Michigan, Dr. Vaughan developed a holistic approach to healthcare as a result of her own life experience and close observation of patient's response to various treatments. Elizabeth had struggled with her weight since puberty and finally got control in her mid-20s through aggressive exercise. Her practice quickly expanded into a health and wellness program, which focused on treatment of obesity in the mid-1990's.

The patients that were the most interesting to Dr. Vaughan were those who did everything right, but still couldn't lose any weight. That was when she learned that mercury could inhibit thyroid function, Candida could trigger intense carbohydrate cravings, neurochemical imbalances could trigger fat and carbohydrate cravings, and magnesium deficiency could trigger chocolate cravings. She had not learned any of this in medical school. She then began a new course of learning, focused on nutrition, exercise, body-mind-spirit health, environmental toxins, and neurochemical and hormonal imbalances.

From this, her practice in Martinsville, and now, in Greensboro, NC encompasses a broad spectrum of illnesses and the treatment of healthy people who want to maintain their vitality throughout life, or regain the life-force that they felt before they started "feeling their age." Special areas of interest are the prevention of disease using genomic testing, nutritional therapy, alternative and complimentary medicine, autoimmune disorders, sexual health in men and women, how to age gracefully, weight control, vibrational and energy medicine, food sensitivities, heavy metal toxicity, and detoxification. She does not treat cancer, but provides supportive nutritional and detoxification therapies for individuals receiving primary cancer treatment at other facilities.

Despite her busy schedule at her original medical center in Martinsville, she became the area's best-known activist, raising over $1-million for charitable causes. In February 2000, Martinsville's Mayor and City Council presented her with the city's Outstanding Citizen Award. The following year, Martinsville's Men's Roundtable gave her its Community Service Award.

Dr. Vaughan tries to empower patients in the community to receive optimal medical care at any physician's office. Knowledge is power. And she tries to teach people on a level that everyone can understand: the importance of living a balanced, healthy, joyful life.

She does this by writing stories about real patients which are published in a local magazine, Natural Triad. She is working on a book that will include some of the 40+ articles that she has written in the past five years. She is also on TV twice a month on the local Fox affiliate, WGHP in High Point, NC. This is how she reaches a larger audience and “gives back” to the community.

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