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Who Are We?

The International College of Integrative Medicine (ICIM) is a not-for-profit medical organization that seeks to teach` the latest research in preventative, alternative, and innovative treatments.

Our members are physicians who are comfortable treating health concerns relating to circulation, the brain, the immune system, hormones, digestion, pain, and/or toxicity. We are health professionals who are interested in utilizing more than just drugs or surgical procedures in the holistic care of our patients.

Through our semiannual conferences and advanced-level trainings, we seek to fulfill our mission of providing physicians with a comprehensive understanding of integrative medical care.

What Makes ICIM Special?

In 1983, 7 forward-thinking physicians met in Cleveland, Ohio for what would later be known as the first meeting of the International College of Integrative Medicine. Since that time, we have expanded beyond this region to include members from all over the country… and all over the world! Even through this expansion, we remain a close community of dedicated scientists. With around 200 members, our conferences feel more like a welcoming family reunion than a convention.


The quality of education we provide maintains a balance of evidence-based theory and practical advice. This means that you will be equipped to apply the scientific information that you learn in your office on Monday morning. In addition to our semiannual meetings, we encourage year-round discussion and consultation. Many of our members have been experts in the field for many years and are ready to share their rich experiences.

Chelation Training
Our group provides affordable introduction and advanced training in heavy metal toxicology and chelation therapy. We commit to hosting comprehensive training and certification for IV Infusionist staff working in chelation therapy. No other organizations offer this service. Join our network of social media sites dedicated to chelation as well as our chelation resource website at

We invite you to browse through the ICIM Scrapbook blog
that helps tell the story of who we have been and who we are becoming.

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